The Cane & Able system is part of a greater multi-level personal protection program that trains individuals in the use of a variety of impact weapons. The program covers a broad range of applications using the crook-handled cane, the hanbo, and the walking stick.  

The Cane & Able system is not a stick-fighting martial art such as Filipino kali or Japanese hanbojutsu. Instead, the Cane & Able system is an easy-to-follow set of skills designed to be completed and absorbed in a short amount of time. The system draws from numerous sources, including a variety of Police baton methods, Military baton methods, and select tactics from both Eastern and European stick fighting disciplines.  

It is designed to provide the student with a fundamental level of proficiency in self protection. This is not to imply that the program is lacking in depth; in fact, the program can be as functional and advanced as the reader wishes to make it. Advanced material is merely the basics done well.   Properly practiced and absorbed over time, this system can provide the dedicated reader with a highly effective and reliable skill-set in the use of the Cane and the Walking Stick.